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Addressing New Students

15 August 2009

: Omar Moore (Vice President)

Welcome Freshman, Transfer, and Returning Students:

My name is Omar Moore, and I would like to personally welcome you to Dallas Christian College. I am looking forward to sharing this coming year with you.

I am the Vice President of the Student Government, and my hope is to see you become more integrated into this community with what Student Government has to offer. We have many events, programs, and opportunities in the works for you this year.

As a student at DCC, you will find many means to partner with or join Student Government to work with us in improving life here. Some of you might think you are not able to lead in an organization such as the Student Government. However, I like to think you can. If you have an idea, or simply a concern or frustration, with how this College operates could run smoother or how we could improve, then please, speak with your Representative or come to the Student Government directly.

I was not any different than you last year. I was a transfer student from Oklahoma and did not know hardly anybody. I knew I wanted to make a difference where I was but did not really know how. Well, I began talking to people around school to find opportunities the school had, and I was pointed to a few different directions. Throughout the year, I participated in many of those different opportunities, but when I worked with Student Government, I was able to see my action having a larger effect. Because of this, I decide to run for Vice President of Student Government. I felt I could really make a difference this way.

I wanted to make a difference at the College and the lives of the people around me. I don’t think of myself as a leader, but I have thought of myself as a tool for God to use as a blessing.

This year is an exciting year for the Student Government. With having more responsibilities, we are prepared to be taught us valuable lessons for the future. Student Government will be a stepping stone for some to get our nose out there in the world, and for others, it will be a great opportunity to work for God and be a blessing. Once again, I would like to say thanks for coming to DCC, and I look forward to working with all of you in some shape or form.


New Blog

11 August 2009

: Daniel Muirhead (President)

Along with the launch of this new website, in efforts to enhance communication with the Student Government and the student body, the Student Government has launched the SG Cast as a blog.

There are a few reasons as to why to have it as a blog and not as a part of this website. Through a blog, you are able to subscribe to it and keep it as a local RSS feed. On this site you wouldn’t have that opportunity. Through a blog, you are able to give feedback and comments, and this is something as a Student Government, we covet. On this site you and us wouldn’t not be able to enjoy that opportunity.

Another reason to use an independent blog is that for the asethetics, we are able to have a different and more engaging look and feel for the blog portion of the website.

The url is very easy for this blog, . What is even more simple is click on SG Cast on the main navigation found on each page and you will be directed to the blog independently from this site.

We hope you enjoy the blog and are looking forward to hearing from you.

Looking Ahead

9 August 2009

: Daniel Muirhead (President)

As a returning President to the Student Government, and after having such a busy yet progressive year, I feel there is still plenty of work and improvement to be done. Last year was a good building year seeing as how we began a process to re-evaluate, re-structure, and re-define what Student Government was, what it existed for, and what actions it should take. This took a lot of effort and time, but it has already been paying off.

For this coming year, 2009-10, there is still so much to continue to build upon: communication, philanthropic investments, providing more and better quality events, pushing for a stronger and a more effective spiritual community, have outlets for creative expression easily accesible, assist the college in its efforts to move closer to LEED certification and its efforts for SACS accreditation, improving financial accountability and responsibility, and much more, but most importantly, helping create change to the college at large based on the student’s voices.

I am very excited for this year to begin and witness what all can be accomplished. This website is one of the first steps we have taken to kick this new year off right – showing that the Student Government is serious about its role at DCC. However, we know that when in a role such as Student Government, it is easy to get wrapped up in the programming and lose sight of what matters. So, I ask for you to join us in prayer, that we may be able to stay on our course and not lose sight of what it is to serve Jesus in all that we do.

Again, I look forward to this year and am very excited to see what is in store.