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11 August 2009

: Daniel Muirhead (President)

Along with the launch of this new website, in efforts to enhance communication with the Student Government and the student body, the Student Government has launched the SG Cast as a blog.

There are a few reasons as to why to have it as a blog and not as a part of this website. Through a blog, you are able to subscribe to it and keep it as a local RSS feed. On this site you wouldn’t have that opportunity. Through a blog, you are able to give feedback and comments, and this is something as a Student Government, we covet. On this site you and us wouldn’t not be able to enjoy that opportunity.

Another reason to use an independent blog is that for the asethetics, we are able to have a different and more engaging look and feel for the blog portion of the website.

The url is very easy for this blog, . What is even more simple is click on SG Cast on the main navigation found on each page and you will be directed to the blog independently from this site.

We hope you enjoy the blog and are looking forward to hearing from you.

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